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HawkSoft can import Nationwide download files.

NW Downloads Timeline-revised

* Files are delivered to agents free of charge by Nationwide. Information shown was gathered from reliable sources at Nationwide but may be subject to change. HawkSoft cannot guarantee its accuracy. Contact your Nationwide Manager for more details.

Client Details

Today, you can request from your Nationwide Sales Manager, free of charge, a CSV file containing client details such as email addresses, phone numbers, DOB, etc.  Requests should be delivered beginning in July.

Old Contact Notes (called Log Notes in HawkSoft)

In December 2020 all Nationwide agencies will receive, free of charge, a backup CSV file containing old contact notes (from AGCM) for all policies (prospects, active, and inactive).

If you need to receive prior to December your copy of old contact notes, an agent may request the following from their Nationwide Sales Manager beginning June 1, 2020. However, delivery timeline is at Nationwide's discretion.

eDocs for active policies

Agents may request the download of contact notes (from AGCM) for all active policies. The data will be in the form of policy specific eDocs, downloaded via IVANS, and will become available to you beginning in July. HawkSoft's system can match these eDocs with existing policies and automatically attach them. 

CSV for prospect, active, and inactive policies

Agents may request an early delivery of CSV files containing contact notes (from AGCM) for all policies (prospects, active, and inactive) before December, but there is no guarantee of delivery before December. These early exception requests may be fulfilled based on Nationwide's discretion and capacity.

Importing CSV files into HawkSoft

HawkSoft can take your CSV files and import the data into our database for a flat fee of $250 per file, assuming no additional changes are requested by the agency.