Major product release enhancements and quality of life improvements

5.0 Release


  • Agent Portal: Access client and policy information from any web browser or mobile device.

  • New Search: Cloud-powered search enables faster lookups and searching names/locations anywhere in the client file.

  • Strong Authentication: A single strong password to securely access data in both CMS desktop and HawkSoft Cloud.

4.10 Release

  • Submission Tracking 
    • Create a Submission Group when sending documents to a carrier or broker.

    • Keep track of key information and the status of each submission in the Submissions tab.

  • Policy History – view historical changes made to the policy.

    • Changes made to key policy information is recorded. That data is now visible in the History tab.
    • Each policy tracks past iterations, making a record of prior policy information after any significant change.

    • View top level information in the History tab (such as past Status or Premium), and dig into a full view of prior coverages.

  • Other Quality of LIfe Improvements
    • Import / Export for Certificate Holders: Easily review large Certificate Holder lists and make annual updates en masse to key commercial accounts.

    • Update NAIC codes using Data Replace: Quickly adjust NAIC codes for a carrier using Data Replace to change all impacted policies at once (just make sure to create a Daily Backup first!).

    • Integration with ITC TurboRater now includes Home quoting. Existing ITC TurboRater customers need to disable and re-enable the bridge between HawkSoft and TurboRater to activate Home quoting.

    • Merge Field for User First Name: Your first name (that is, “User’s First Name”) is available as a Merge Field for HawkSoft Text Messaging and other Correspondence Templates.

    • Suspense Due Date: Now added as a column in the Logs tab, so you can see just how overdue that thing you forgot to do is.

4.9 Release

  • Self-service Certificates - a web portal for insureds to self-administer Certificates of Insurance and add cert holders

  • HawkSoft Text Messaging

    • Send a Proof of Insurance ID card to insureds. Check “Send as Text Message” while creating the ID card to automatically send to your insured via text.

    • Automatically follow a client when you send them a text message via HawkSoft.

  • Import / Export tool - quickly enter large lists of Scheduled and Unscheduled Property for Inland Marine, Floater, and Agricultural Property policies.

  • The Certificate of Insurance Wizard updates:

    • Override the default Insured Name and Address on a Certificate of Insurance within the Wizard. You no longer need to edit the client info to adjust these fields.

    • Set a Preferred Delivery Method for each Cert Holder. Streamline sending out certificates by batching emails, printed certs, and faxes into groups.

  • Set a default web browser by user or set a specific web browser for each carrier  - use the best web browser for each carrier's site.

  • Enter a list of NAIC Codes in the carrier setup. This simplifies selecting the right code when entering a new policy.