Since the pandemic, many businesses have adopted a remote work model, including HawkSoft and many of our agencies and partners. We've created this resource for those who are looking to set up a remote work environment for their business. It provides recommendations on setting up remote access and adjusting to a remote work environment. 


Table of Contents

  1. Remote Access
    1. Top Recommendations for Remote Access software
    2. Remote Access Software Scorecard
    3. Should I switch to HawkSoft Online?
  2. Adjusting to Working From Home
    1. HawkSoft Resources (more soon)
    2. HawkSoft User Group Resources
    3. Additional Resources


Remote Access

Working from home still requires that you have access to all the necessary files, tools, and programs that you have inside the office. For customers of HawkSoft Online, our agency management system can be accessed from most internet connected devices. However, there are still programs on your office workstation you may need access to. HawkSoft’s IT department evaluated the following Remote Access tools that allow you to log into your office workstation from a computer outside of that network.

Disclaimer: HawkSoft Product Support does not support or provide assistance on the following third-party applications. If you need help implementing the solutions below, we recommend involving your agency’s IT resource or consulting an IT professional.

Top Recommendations

Top recommendation that costs money: For the simplicity of setup and range of features at its price point, HawkSoft’s top recommendation for Remote Access software is RemotePC.

Top recommendation that is free: While not as feature rich as RemotePC, Google’s Chrome RDP solution provides an immediately accessible and free option for transitioning to Work From Home.

(HawkSoft has no affiliation or business relationship with RemotePC, IDrive, Inc., or Google, nor with the following vendors.)

Remote Access Software Scorecard

Program Ease of Use (1 to 5, 1 is easiest) File Share Copy/Paste from Local Audio Support Drag and Drop Remote Printing Multi Monitor Support Price
RemotePC 1 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes $30/yr for 1 user or $250/yr for up to 50 PCs
Chrome RDP 1 Yes Yes Yes Unknown Unknown Yes Free
GoToMyPC 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Starting at $35/mo
TeamViewer 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Starting at $50/mo
Microsoft RDP (How to Guide) 4 (Requires computer setup and port forwarding) Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Free with Pro versions of Windows


Should I switch to HawkSoft Online?

HawkSoft Online does facilitate access to your agency management system from most devices with an internet connection (Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android). However, changing deployment methods for HawkSoft involves a change in billing, setup, and data migration from your local server to our online hosting providers. If you are evaluating options for temporary Work From Home access for your staff, we recommend using a Remote Access software option above versus changing your HawkSoft deployment method. If there are additional factors and/or the decision has been in consideration for a long time, please reach out to Inside Sales at (866) 884-4680 Option 4 to discuss.

Adjusting to Working From Home

The following resources aim to help you set up a virtual work environment and remain productive and collaborative with your team.

HawkSoft Resources


HawkSoft User Group Resources

The HawkSoft User Group is leading the charge in educating their members and fellow agents on work from home strategies:

Additional Resources

The following articles and guides come from a variety of sources that HawkSoft trusts.

Technical Resources:

  • Agency Performance Partners gives tips on handling payments and other things to be aware of while working remote. 
  • IIABA shared this resource of best practices for setting up a remote work program at your agency.  
  • Wrike recommends ways to utilize video conferencing and team meetings to replace in-person meetings. 
  • HubSpot has an entire resource page of articles on every topic related to working remote. 
  • Agency Revolution gives tips on protecting your data as you transition to working remote from the president of an insurance IT firm.  

Social Resources:

  • Wirecutter shares how to get your space—and your mind—ready to work from home.  
  • Hubspot gives insight into how to adjust the way you communicate to be effective in a remote environment.  
  • Wirecutter provides examples of ways to foster teamwork when your team isn’t in the office together. 
  • Wired gives pointers on creating a routine while working from home.  
  • Wirecutter recommends ways to be social even during social distancing.  
  • FormStack Sign provides a checklist for returning to work safely when offices reopen.