Here are answers to the questions submitted by attendees on the December 4, 2019 farm insurance webinar. 


What are some tips on estimating value?

A.  If you are talking about structures, RCE programs such as E2Value are invaluable. They can valuate both dwellings and barns (grain facilities as well). Most companies provide access to such a program.

2. Are land use and pollution automatic coverages under the liability or do they need to be purchased separately?

A. Land use for farming is covered. The Company needs to know the owned/rented acreage to rate the liability. Land use for other activities (i.e., hunting) is extra. Pollution is included with some companies, though with others it is an endorsement that needs to be added and charged for. It is definitely a coverage that needs to be discussed with the underwriter to make sure you know how the policy addresses it.

3. Could you explain how you keep track of Parcels, etc. in HawkSoft?

A. We use the ‘Locations’ tab that is shown on Slide 20 in the presentation. This keeps track of not only owned/leased parcels of land, but also the structures that are on each parcel. 

I’d like to see more on how to use the HawkSoft Farm Module (like AGPP, CUMB) and how to correctly enter a farm into HawkSoft. Besides Farm what other modules are offered?

A. If you are a HawkSoft customer, we encourage you to contact Product Support at 1-866-884-4680 option 3 or by online chat support. They are more than happy to show you how to enter a farm and use other workflows in HawkSoft.

If you do not use HawkSoft, please schedule a demo and we'd be happy to show you the HawkSoft Farm Module in greater detail.

We are also considering doing a follow-up training webinar that will be a deeper dive into setting up farms in HawkSoft. Stay tuned...


Still Have Questions?

HawkSoft users: Email support@hawksoft.com or call 1-866-884-4680 option 3.

Not a user of HawkSoft: Request a demo or email sales@hawksoft.com.