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Your agency is now ready to soar on HawkSoft 6!
This page provides information about the process of migrating current HawkSoft customer databases onto the new HawkSoft 6 cloud platform, and answers common questions agencies may have about the process.  Please keep in mind that this process and information may change as we migrate more agencies and optimize the process. Our migration team will communicate directly with agencies throughout the migration process to provide further information and instructions and guide them through each phase of the process.

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Migration FAQs


Included FAQs:



Will moving to HawkSoft 6 require a data migration? What data will be migrated?

Yes, agencies will need to have their existing HawkSoft database migrated to HawkSoft 6. Data is structured in a completely different way in HawkSoft 6 to make it available in the cloud. Subsequently, each agency’s current HawkSoft data (including client and policy data, settings, attachments, etc.) will need to be migrated to HawkSoft 6. HawkSoft will have a dedicated migration team to help existing customers through the process of moving onto the new platform. While client and policy data, attachments, and many settings will be migrated, the agency will need to set up or configure some items and settings again in HawkSoft 6.

Due to the significant changes to commission and accounting workflows in HawkSoft 6, commission history and accounting history (closed items) will not be migrated to HawkSoft 6. Migration of open items will be available in Phase 3 (see our information on accounting data migration and commission data migration for more details). 

How soon can my agency migrate to HawkSoft 6?

Agencies will migrate to HawkSoft 6 in groups in a measured and phased approach, depending on feature needs and migration complexity. There are many factors that may impact when your agency will be eligible to migrate to HawkSoft 6. Because more features will be added to HawkSoft 6 throughout the release phases, agencies with the least migration complexity and feature needs will be migrated first. Agencies who migrate early in the release should understand that HawkSoft 6 is a new platform. As with any new product or platform, there will be some feature limitations and likely some bugs in the early phases of release.

The HawkSoft migration team will be reaching out to agencies proactively in groups to schedule their migrations, based on the eligibility requirements for each phase. Agencies do not need to apply or join a queue in order to be migrated to HawkSoft 6. You will receive communications from the migration team when it is nearing the time for your agency to transition. Below are some of the largest factors that may influence your migration date. For a rough estimate of when your agency may be eligible to migrate, use our Migration Phase Estimator tool.

Migration factors

  • Feature needs
    Some features will not be available in the earlier release phases, including accounting data migration, commissions workflows & reporting, batch emails, and more (see this page for more info on feature limitations in early release phases). Agencies that need these features will be placed in later migration groups.

  • Current HawkSoft deployment type
    Local installations and each online hosting partner have different migration needs and complexity. Due to our term-based contracts with multiple online hosting partners that support HawkSoft Online (which will no longer be needed for HawkSoft 6), agencies using specific partners may be migrated in earlier groups than others. 

  • Use of non-Windows operating systems
    HawkSoft 6 (like prior versions of HawkSoft) is a Windows application. Those who need to access it on other operating systems such as MacOS may require special setup and may subsequently be placed in later migration groups.

  • Number of offices/locations and complexity of permissions
    Multi-office settings and permissions will be limited in the earlier phases of release, so agencies with multiple offices and corresponding permissions may be placed in later migration groups.

  • Plans to buy a book of business/agency in near future
    Adding a separate book of business to a HawkSoft database requires a data migration or conversion. Agencies that plan to make a purchase in the near future and wish to merge this new book of business into their existing HawkSoft database may be placed in later migration groups so all data can be migrated to HawkSoft 6 at one time.


What if my agency doesn’t want to move to HawkSoft 6 yet? Can we stay on our current HawkSoft installation?

HawkSoft will support legacy deployments (local installations and HawkSoft Online) for a period of time after HawkSoft 6 is made available to existing customers. Due to our term-based contracts with the multiple online hosting partners that support HawkSoft Online (which will no longer be needed for HawkSoft 6), some agencies on HawkSoft Online may need to have earlier migration dates than others. The migration team will work with each agency to resolve any concerns about the timing of their migration.

Agencies on local installations of HawkSoft may choose not to migrate to HawkSoft 6 at this time if desired, as they do not utilize online hosting resources. However, HawkSoft plans to eventually announce an end-of-support date for local server installations. Agencies may continue using their local installation after the end-of-support date, but the system will not receive further support, updates, or security patches. See more information on this here


Will the pricing or billing process be different on HawkSoft 6?

For HawkSoft Online agencies, the pricing for HawkSoft 6 will be similar to or less than their current pricing. Agencies will no longer need to pay for additional licenses for Microsoft products specifically for HawkSoft, like they did in the past.

For local agencies, there will be a flat increase per user to cover the host of new benefits offered by the cloud platform (similar to the increase an agency would experience today if moving from a local installation to HawkSoft Online). However, keep in mind that this increase will likely be offset by lower IT and operational costs, as a local server will no longer be needed for HawkSoft 6.

In addition, some billing processes will be updated to standardize and simplify billing across all clients: 

  • Invoices will be sent shortly after the 1st, with payments processed on the 15th
    All HawkSoft Cloud invoices will be sent shortly after the first of the month, covering that month's billing, to be automatically paid on the 15th of the month. Automatic payment via credit card or bank account is required. We will no longer accept payment by paper check for HawkSoft.

  • All billing changes will go into effect as of the first of the next month
    Billing changes will not be prorated and will be subject to a minimum duration of 1 month.

  • All customers will be billed monthly
    Any customers who are on quarterly or annual billing cycles will be moved to a monthly billing cycle, with applicable prorated credits being applied to their initial monthly billing. Any Paid-in-Full discounts that annual customers currently receive will no longer apply.


Will agencies need to pay HawkSoft for separate Microsoft licenses for HawkSoft 6, like they did for HawkSoft Online? 

No. HawkSoft 6 is a cloud experience with a desktop app that installs directly on users' computers rather than on a remote desktop, so separate Microsoft Office licenses will no longer be needed to integrate with HawkSoft. Because HawkSoft Online is a remote desktop experience, agencies could choose to pay HawkSoft for additional Microsoft Office licenses (Outlook, Office, etc) in order to use them on the remote desktop for integration with HawkSoft. On HawkSoft 6 there is no longer a need for, or the ability for HawkSoft to host, these applications.

If an agency already has Microsoft Office licenses for their local workstations, they will simply no longer pay HawkSoft for the additional licenses once they are on HawkSoft 6. If an agency does not already have licenses on their local workstations, they will now be responsible for obtaining and paying for these licenses through Microsoft directly, rather than paying HawkSoft for licenses. Instructions for installing and configuring local Outlook and Office licenses with HawkSoft can be found here. We highly recommend agencies do this prior to being set up on their HawkSoft 6 sandbox environment so that workflows can be practiced as they will be done after the final data migration.


Will our third-party API integrations be migrated to our HawkSoft 6 database, or will we need to enable them again in HawkSoft Marketplace? 

All integrations that are enabled in the HawkSoft Marketplace in your agency's current database will automatically be migrated to your HawkSoft 6 database. Agencies should not need to enable the listings again in HawkSoft 6 Marketplace after the final data migration. Please be aware that integrations will not be live in HawkSoft 6 during the sandbox period, only after the final data migration.



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